Threading offers safe, effective, all natural hair removal for every skin type. Unlike waxing, threading uses no heat or chemicals, eliminating skin's tendency to become inflamed or even break out in blemishes. Threading is ideal for those using dermatological treatments such as Retinol and other acne medications. It also provides a much more precise shape for the brows. All areas of the face can be threaded. Topical anesthetic is available to minimize discomfort. 

*Amelie will always highly recommend threading for all facial areas, but waxing is available if strongly preferred. 

Brows   $12
Lip   $8
Cheek   $8
Sideburns   $10
Chin   $8
Forehead   $8
Neck   $10
Full face   $30
Full face and neck   $40


*Packages available for threading, waxing, and skin treatment services. Please inquire for more information.